Sunday, 13 November 2016

Debian MiniConf ARM Cambridge 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 5 - Wrap ups

For those following along at home - that was Holger Levsen and Chris Lamb talking about Reproducible Builds immediately followed by Lucy Wayland on SIMD or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Vector.

Next up Lars Wrizenius on the vmdebootstrap sprint and the results.

Last of all will be Steve wrapping up, chasing us out and the clear up team doing a final chase around.

Apparently very slightly lower turnout than last year - but still some new faces, lots of familiar faces and a lot of "stuff" : some awesome Debian merchandise that I couldn't quite justify to myself but there's always next time :)

Almost at the end of a really enjoyable four days for me - back to work tomorrow :(

Thanks to all our sponsors [ARM, Codethink, HPE] whose names you will have seen in between the video segments for facilities and sponsoring meals and the like.

MiniDebconf ARM Cambridge 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 4 - lightning talks

Ian Jackson - dgit in two slides with attitude :)

Mike Crowe - Code Club - volunteering to teach programming to school children in after school clubs. Scratch: version 1 is packaged for Debian and Raspberry Pi  CSS HTML Python - all materials provided. Projects for Microbits as well. No slides.

Dimitri Ledkov - SPI board - explaining about SPI. SPI - US non-profit, also registered in Europe. Collects donations, can register trademarks, can hold assets on your project's behalf.  Volunteer project: controlled by member orgs.

Guus Sliepen - ifupdown -  dual protocol, bonding, VPNs, wireless,
- too many slides :)

MiniDebconf Cambridge, ARM, 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 3

Just about to watch Daniel Silverstone demonstrating his new FPGA board.

Mystorm - open hardware - growing out of Icestorm. Programmable hardware - toolchains - and showing the hardware.

The Debian video team have advised that they are about to start the transcoding process - videos will be available soonish :)

Debian MiniConf, ARM Cambridge, 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 2

Just watching Lars Wirzenius talking about Qvarn - identity and data protection management on large scale. Compliant with EC data/identity management regulations and concerns.

The room fell silent at 1100 for two minutes - as we did on Friday 11/11/16.
This is remembering the dead, wounded and those  affected by the wars of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Inevitably, it also reminded me of friends and colleagues in Debian that are no longer with us: for Espy and so many others before and since, thanks from me - you are well remembered here.

Debian MiniConf, ARM Cambridge 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 1

Just got here, partway into Guus Sliepen's talk about issues with sourceless packages and the DFSG. Lots of problems with, for example, music for games and imagery and also areas where packages autobuild / use generated blobs which are not supplied or are not able to be regenerated.

Checked in by front desk - thanks again to Lisa, to Jo McIntyre and Lucy Wayland who have been very patient waiting for us, very helpful as ever, chasing us at the end of each day to reconcile badges and people and doing all the useful stuff that no one sees.

ARM security folk are still here, obviously, and the building work has stopped for the weekend so we can get in and out of the building more readily.  Thanks once again to the ARM staffers who are also Debian-ites and to the ARM management who have to authorise all of this and allow us to use their facilities, buildings and guest WiFi. It's testament to a whole lot of hard work  behind the scenes that this all seems seamless and (generally) works so well

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Debian MiniConf ARM Cambridge - post 5

Daniel Pocock finally getting Jitsi to work - us talking to Berkeley, CA.

He's just given a talk on OpenPGP / Clean Room ISO creation for creating keys / CA certs appropriately offline and keeping everything secure.

It's been a good day, but I'm feeling pretty bushed :)

Debian MiniConf ARM Cambridge 12/11/16 - Post 4

Now Daniel Pocock on RTC. Again, a few technical issues :(

Big thanks to the video folks who have been working hard: they couldn't get into this room until 1800 last night and spent until about 2000 fixing the cameras etc. They must be shattered.

Thanks for front desk: who also pointed out that the security staff in over the weekend are also volunteers.